For Kids

For Kids

Let the children come unto Me…” Mark 10:14

All our Kids’ ministers are dedicated IMPACTING our Children & Youth.  They all have covenanted to:

I   ntroduce them to the gospel

M inister to their needs

P  ray for them in all things especially that they –

A  ccept Jesus as their Savior

C  onnect them with other Christians

T  rain them for a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ

Classes begin each Saturday morning after Church Worship at 11:30:       

Beginners – Newborn to Pre school

Kindergarten – Age 4 to Kindergarten

Primary – 1st thru 3rd Grade

Juniors – 4th thru 6th Grade

Community Teens – 7th & 8th Grade

The Community (Youth) – High School

Pathfinders –A dynamic youth organization designed to lead a young person in growing their walk with God. This is accomplished through worship, outdoor activities, community service, honors accrual, & performance awards. For kids 6th Grade & up.

Adventurers – The Adventurer Club was created to give children an opportunity to belong to a nurturing peer group that gives them a meaningful and exciting experience as they look forward with anticipation being Pathfinders.  For kids in grades 1-4.