Sermons from October 2018

Sermons from October 2018


Finally concluding our series on the life of Peter, we can’t avoid looking at the most painful story in the gospels: when Peter denies Jesus. Through Peter’s experience we find an answer to the most painful and powerful question we face: “Can Jesus forgive me?”

God of Glass

When I was a kid my mom used to tell me stories with a felt board. I remember even now, how I was never allowed to play with the felts. There was something about the felt Jesus that had to be protected and kept smooth and nice so He was put back in the box. Through Peter’s eyes we see the same instinct we still have today. We want to defend Jesus instead of following Him.

When Faith Fails

Last week we took a look at the call of Jesus in Peter’s life. As we continue to look at the gospel of Jesus through the eyes of Peter, Let’s ask the question “what does Jesus expect of me?” It is a question that all of us can ask when we hear the voice of Jesus calling us to follow.